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The Healthy Choice

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Wonder Cream
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Wonder Cream

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Acne, arthritis, bedsores, bruises, burns, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, sunburn, varicose veins, vaginal thrush, wrinkles, etc.

Theron's Comfrey Wonder Cream is rich in Vitamins A , B12, C and E and contains trace elements and minerals as well as Allantoin - a cell proliferant (well known for its healing qualities) minimises stretch marks and wrinkles before they even start.

Take Control of these Conditions and choose the affordable solutuion, only from Theron's, the original Comfrey Wonder Cream. Please be aware of cheap petroleumjelly imitations.

By applying Theron's Comfrey Wonder Cream 2-3 times daily to affected areas you could soon be as good as new. Can safely be used on Infants.

Theron's Comfrey Wonder Cream is the only alaloid free Comfrey Product available with no nasty side effects, yet still retaining the Wonder Growth stimulant Allantoin - unsurpassed in the rapid healing process- not to mention that it is also an excellent moisturiser that will quickly take control of your skin problems.

For even quicker results use in conjunction with Theron's Comfrey Wonder Tincture.

Theron's Comfrey Wonder Cream does NOT contain Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and is a powerful medicinal product that may be safely used by all family members.

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