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The Healthy Choice

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PVM Food SupplementRaw Peanuts

PVM Mealie Meal Mix
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PVM Mealie Meal Mix

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Beneficial Properties

  • Energy-dense
    • Provides desired energy to help preserve lean body mass
  • High quality macronutrients
    • High biological value proteins
    • Trans fatty acid and cholesterol free
    • Low in saturated fat
  • Vitamin and Mineral Enriched
    • Two 100g servings per day provide upto 100% DRI* for children
      Complete wholesome meal
  • Minimizes blood glucose fluctuations
    • Slow release carbohydrate sources
    • Proteins contribute to stable blood glucose levels
  • Convenient and Practical
    • Pre-cooked
    • Mix into cold or hot water
    • Taste highly acceptable to children
  • Contains Carnitine
    • Enchances fatty acid oxidation
  • Other
    • Contains No preservatives and colourants
    • Lactose and gluten free
    • No ingredients of animal origin
  • Applications
    • Instant meal enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins
      Balanced instant meal for the whole family
    • Diabetes and Insulin intolerant associated diseases
    • Immune compromised patients

Dosage & Directions

6 months - 3 Years:
Mix 50-100g (½-1 cup) with ± 200-375ml (1-1½ cups) hot or cold, clean water, twice daily. Stir well.

4-13 years:
Mix 100g (1cup) with ± 375ml (1½ cups) hot or cold, clean water, twice daily. Stir well.

Mix 150g (1½ cups) with ± 500ml (2 cups) hot or cold, clean water, twice daily. Stir well.

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