The Healthy Choice

The Healthy Choice

Water & Juice Refill

Nature's Pure WATER
0.70c per litre

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and get 10l FREE

R7.00 per litre


Bottled Water

12 Pack 500ml
Only R27.00

6 Pack 1.5l
Only R24.00

6 Pack 500ml
Only R15.00



Theron's Comfrey

Mucilage and allantoin are the primary constituents in comfrey which are responsible for the herbs soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.Comfrey has a wide range of medicinal uses for both internal and external ailments. Its actions are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Comfrey is an anodyne (alleviates pain), astringent (constricts blood vessels), expectorant (expels mucous), emollient (used to soften body tissues including skin), haemostatic (helps blood clotting), proliferant (increases cells growth), refrigerant, mild sedative, and vulnerary (ability to heal injuries).

Theron's Comfrey Wonder Tea

Theron's Comfrey Wonder Tea is the most effective herbal remedy known.It is versatile, safe and it works wonderfully for many ailments. 
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Theron's Comfrey Wonder Tea (30)

Cardboard Box Containing 30 Teabags Foil Wrapped for freshness 
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Theron's Mountain Honeybush Tea

Theron's Mountain Honeybush Tea is a completely natural certified organic contains no contaminents, colourants, preservatives, other additives or chemical residues. 
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