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The Healthy Choice

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Since the endocrine system (glandular system) is responsible for the chemical balances in our bodies, keeping the balance between the chemicals is very intricate. Therefore it is very common when one part of it is imbalanced, that all chemicals are affected. Depression (which is caused by lack of serotonin (a chemical manufactured by the endocrine system) is often accompanied by thyroid problems and stress and fatigue, caused by exhausted adrenal glands). Blood sugar problems often also go hand in hand with adrenal problems and thyroid problems. This then affects the hormones, causing menstrual problems in women and testosterone problems in men. For this reason, you will see that many of the formulas contain herbs which are also useful for other parts of the body which are normally affected by that gland not working properly.

Adrenal Support

This formula is for •Restoring adrenal function •Fatigue •Stress 
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Ladies Support

This formula is for •Restoring hormonal imbalances in women •Pre menstual tension •Irregular menstrual cycle 
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Pancreas Support

This formula is for •Restoring Pancreas Function •Diabetes •Hypo glycemia •Balancing blood sugar levels 
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Prostate Support

This formula is for •Restoring prostate function •Prostate inflammation 
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Thyroid Support

This formula is for •Restoring thyroid function •Under active thyroid 
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