The Healthy Choice

The Healthy Choice

Water & Juice Refill

Nature's Pure WATER
0.70c per litre

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R7.00 per litre


Bottled Water

12 Pack 500ml
Only R27.00

6 Pack 1.5l
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6 Pack 500ml
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Digestive Range

This range is all for the digestive system and covers a wide range of digestive disorders that the average digestive supplements only support but do not fix. Taking laxatives, antacids, fibers or digestive enzymes are very useful in assisting the colon but they all do something for the digestive system that it should be doing itself, which may lead to it not being able to digest on its own. Our formulas are pure herbal and don't contain any nutraceuticals, fibers, enzymes, etc and also no binders fillers, anti caking agents, sugar, yeast, soy or any other allergens. These amazing formulas have been used by practitioners for about 13 years and are now being made available to the public.

Candida Support

This formula is for •Elimination of fungus •Killing Bacteria •Fighting Candida albicans •Drying intestinal mucous •Boosting immunity 
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Colon support

This formula is for: •Constipation •Sluggish colon •Colon detox 
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Digest Energy

This formula is for •Indigestion •Gas •Over eating •Mild constipation •Bloating and feeling of fullness •Insufficient absorption 
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Hepatic Support

This formula is for •Liver conditions •Gall bladder ailments •Liver detox •Irritability •Nausea •Constipation due to liver •Iron deficiency 
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IBS Formula

This formula is for •Irritable bowel •Inflamed colonSpastic colon •Bloating •Diarrhea •Stomach cramps 
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This formula is for •Killing Parasites •Blood cleansing •Colon detox 
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