The Healthy Choice

The Healthy Choice

Water & Juice Refill

Nature's Pure WATER
0.70c per litre

Complete your water card
and get 10l FREE

R7.00 per litre


Bottled Water

12 Pack 500ml
Only R27.00

6 Pack 1.5l
Only R24.00

6 Pack 500ml
Only R15.00



Endurance & Recovery

Cramp Block

USN Cramp Block prevents electrolyte related cramping and buffers lactic acid build-up within the muscles. 
Product Details...


Cytogel has been scientifically developed to cater for ultra endurance events as well as intense training and racing, although Cytogel can be used in shorter distance events to its fullest 
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Cytopower HP

CYTOPOWER HP has been scientifically formulated to provide athletes on various levels with a tasty, isotonic / hypotonic sports drink, packed with electrolytes and other nutrients for optimum performance during training and competitive events. 
Product Details...

Epic Pro All in One

The nutrient requirements of athletes are highest during and immediately after intense and prolonged physical activity. 
Product Details...


The nutrient requirement in athletes is highest immediately after intense and prolonged physical activity. 
Product Details...


USN Vita-blitz provides a combination of vitamins, amino acids, herbs and other nutrients that boost energy levels and revitalise mental function. 
Product Details...

VO2 Max

VO2MAX increases oxygen uptake and ventilary breakpoint, enabling the athlete to push harder for a longer period of time. 
Product Details...


VOOMA is scientifically designed to assist in ensuring optimal energy delivery through the addition of short and long chain carbohydrates. 
Product Details...

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